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Working With Us Is Radically Different


We Are a Global Team Of Fearless Disruptive Visionaries Shaping The Future of The Equestrian Industry.

Our People are epic, smart, fast, curious and well balanced. If you are one, you know it. We never look for an employee because we don’t want employees. We look for like-minded “partners” who don’t settle for doing any less than what they love.


What Puts a Smile In Our Face 24 Hours a Day


riders development & performance

Teachers development

groomers development

mind-game coaching

career coaching

Global workshops

stable management courses

equestrian holidays

equestrian mental coach

equestrian fisical performance coach


equine quality of life

training horses

buy & sell horses

HEALTHCARE online courses

animal rights (positive approach)


cuting edge technology

animal rights & comfort

riders performance


Tell Us Where Do You Fit


- The day 2 day team is literally family -

What we do is to ride a lot of horses, LOL a lot, manage our Clients sucess, MANAGE OUR DAYLY SCHEDULE, manage our future vision and manage our social media community.

Well… it’s more. but it summarize well our days.


- Country Brand representants -

This position is OCCUPIED by some of the most DYNAMIC and passionate people we have ever met.

“They are our eyes in the world”


- equestrian ATHLETEs & influencers -

“They are above all good friends”


We are always looking for amazing talent to join our teams worldwide. With 6 continents to populate with our passion on 195 countries around the world. We are having a blast creating #EquestrianLeaders