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What is Photonic Red Light Therapy?

PRLT involves the application of a specific type of LED red light with a wavelengths at approximately 660nm to the horse and humans in specific ACUPOINTS for therapeutic purposes as it is absorbed by body cells

The photoelectric effect of Red Light stimulates the intraneural system, causing the body to release its own natural healing chemicals. Biologists at the Medical College of Wisconsin have shown that cells exposed to Red Light grow 150 to 200% faster than a control group of cells not exposed to Red Light.

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Photonic Therapy Assists Horses With the Following Conditions



All Joint Pain

Back Pain

cystic ovaries

Infertlity / Cycling

Undescended Testicles


Cushing' s disease 

Shin Soreness

Eye problems

Itchy skin

Laminitis (Founder)

Navicular Disease

Tendon Sprains

all Muscular Pain 

Performance Points


Helps Stopping bleedings


Urinary problems

Most viral diseases

Wound healing

Skin Conditions

Poll Tension

Performance Enhancement

Stomach Ulcers

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PRLT can be used in a fairly general manner.  This may include working directly on a trauma, wound, or area of soreness to reduce pain and speed up the healing process. One of the greatest advantages of PRLT is that it can be applied to an injury right after it happens as you are not applying any pressure to injured tissues; instead, you are further stimulating the bodys own natural healing processes.

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Is Advanced Photonic Therapy painless?

Yes its 100% without pain.

Advanced Photonic Therapy is non-invasive so the skin is not broken, just like it occurs with the use of an acupuncture needle in order to stimulate the same specific areas of the skin. Horses are no big fans of needles, hence the simplicity and beauty of this therapy for your equine.

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what is an acupoint?

Acupoints are areas on the skin which have a lowered electrical resistance and have a measurable slightly positive charge. A positive charge means a more acidic pH and increased pain sensitivity. Due to the fact that applying PRLT creates a slightly negative charge and decreased pH, it’s application to an acupoint will stimulate it. This means that a practitioner using PRLT can influence a very broad range of imbalances in the body.

- Course Features -


Introduction to Anatomy (Bones and Muscles)

Conformation Evaluation

Equine key areas of concern Evaluation

Introduction to Photonic types of torches & different wavelengths

Introduction to several usages of photonic red light


Opening the Bladder Meridian

Basic horse assessment

Location of Acupoint & Emergency Points

Introduction to meridians and acupoints

Specific acupoints to different equine situations