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WHAT IS Kinesiology taping?

Kinesiology is a taping technique designed for use in both therapeutic like injury rehabilitation and working athletic situations.

It adheres to the skin with an elastic quality, which allows it to decompress the skin to help relieve pressure and pain, increase lymph and blood flow, and accelerate oxygen availability for healing.

In areas of swelling and edema, it can aid in the removal of toxins commonly associated with injury and overuse.

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Benefits of Elastic Kinesiology Tape


Support Muscle Strain or Tear

Reduce Muscle Stiffness

Minimize Post-OP Recovery

Reduce Inflammation

Prolonging the Effects of Body Work

Helps relax overused muscles

Decreases edema and swelling

Improve Movement

Rehabilitate Movement Dysfunction

Prevent Movement Dysfunction

Decompresses the tissue

promotes and facilitates healing

Decreases muscle spams, tension, soreness and trigger points

Provides support to tendons, ligaments and joints

Helps to improve muscle and joint mechanics

Tissue decompression helps provide pain relief

preventative for horses that are prone to injuries

help recover faster in athletic training situations

assist with horses that have lesions

assist with horses that have kissing spine

assist with horses that have chronic stiffness 


Does it INTERFERE in the horse movement?

The tape stretches and is flexible.  Therefore, it does not restrict range of motion, and at the same time, provides stability and support. The degree of stretch used when applying the tape and application pattern is of paramount importance in obtaining the desired results.  Consequently, a thorough assessment of the horse's needs and issues is critical.  It is the foundation for successful tape application.


how does it work?

The tape interacts and lifts the skin thereby decompressing the tissue and enabling increased blood flow and oxygenation allowing for a decrease in inflammation of affected areas and facilitation of lymph drainage. This help to facilitate both the healing process in the case of injury and the recovery process in the case of training.



The tape also helps prolong the benefits of manual therapies because the tape helps to increase the stretch of the collagen fibers in the muscles.

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